Monday, January 30, 2006

Benrik diaries - En sammanfattning

Went to a club.
I don't like clubs anymore.
Actually I didn't like clubs to begin with - they never really stood a fighting chance.
100 kronor and 45 minutes wasted.
I used their bathroom in return.

Gonna colour my hair.
I've actually thought about becoming a brunette, since I'm not sure that I live up to the expectations of being a red-head. (or maybe it's the people who approach you a cerain way based on the idea of you, judging from your appearence.)
They think we're more wild and wacky than other people.
Sometimes we're more wild and wacky than other people.
Sometimes we're looking for the exit-sign. Just like everybody else.

J got lucky Saturday! : )
He called me on his way home (all smiles) and later he popped by for a movie.
He said he's gonna call her, she was nice, then he said that he's gonna think about it some more, only to 15 minutes after saying so ask me for suggestions on stuff to do on a 1st date (or 2nd... whatever...).
(Walking, beer, Liljevalchs.)
Later, when he had gone I almost called up to tell him not to wait too long with that phone-call.
- You should never wait too long, cause good things doesn't come to those who wait, it's a complete lie (no matter what they tell you).
(Besides, he has to compensate from breaking the first phone-rule. Being: always say “Maybe we could exchange phone numbers?” not “Maybe I could have your phone number and call you sometime.”)

Haven't gotten around to any tasking.
I just woke up from a meeting.

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