Saturday, January 14, 2006

Benrik diaries - The meaning of life as a poster

Yesternight I went to play pool. I was very happy with my game - never played better, (even though I lost). But why is it that 90% of all the people who play pool are men? Sisters are so missing out.

Oh, and I thought about Kid Rock. I wondered were he went?
I thought he might be drunk or in law-school. Or maybe he just disappeared into Pamela Anderson. (can anyone remember seeing him since they broke up?)

This morning it also hit me that I've reached the ultimat level of consumation.
The last year it seems more things leave my appartment then enter - I'm always looking for stuff that would be happier somewhere else.
I'm giving away my Billie Holiday poster, even tho' it's very pretty it doesn't fit my place so if it could fit someone elses that's good, right. After all that's the whole meaning of life as a poster. To be on a wall.

My dad is doing better now and mom is calmer. I'm thankful for both.

Some friends are on coming over to my place tonight. I really should clean.
On the other hand if they're true friends they won't mind the mess.

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