Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Benrik diaries - Sowing seads

I didn't get to work until now..
Slept in, had brunch, played arcade.
Does this count as sowing the first seed of anarchy?
My guess is no.
Sowing the first seed to anarchy is really the task I'd most like to do & I'm gonna do it before the week ends.

That reminds me of the Tears for fears song.. I always hated that one... "Sowing the seeds of love".
Although they had good intent.

Is it better to sow the first seed of love, rather than anarchy?
Or is it maybe the same thing?

Tears for fears also had hits with "Shout", "Everybody wants to rule the world" and they wrote that Donnie Darko song - "Mad world.". Those where good songs.
I think that they wanted to change things with their music.
I don't feel very changed by Tears for fears.

Anyway... As I was about to order my sandwich I had several to choose from. 2 of these contained avocado. I didn't pick any of these. I took the egg, kaviar and gräslök-one instead, since I've excluded avocado from my diet.

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