Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Benrik diaries - 2:2 February 6th

I’ve been in a low. Don’t know if I should talk about it or just focus on getting out of it.
I'm gonna do the later. (it just chemicals playing tricks on the brain anyways).

It’s theatre-night. That usually sets me in a good mood.
Fact: I need to practise on being more firm with my own ideas.
I’m gonna take some time to explain this:
Improvisational theatre is much about letting go of boundaries, take the first God damn thing that pops up in your head and go with it - we don’t have scripts just “games” and different techniques.
Also it’s about listening to others at the same time, since they’ve got ideas of their own and this way you build a scene, the ideas go back and forth and you never really know what’s gonna happen.
(There are of course a few other aspects to it in order to make a scene more interesting - spacework, storytelling, building a character).
I think I’m descent at spacework and I’m good at listening to other peoples ideas.
For tonight I’m gonna try building a character that’s not yet another version of me. (Perhaps someone from the future?)

I think I made the goal of getting 5 people to understand the greatness of Richard Cheese, or at least tolerate him.
Thursday I’m going to a birthday-party and ofcourse I’ve decided to give away a Cheesy CD (+ some wine). : )

Enjoy your night!

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