Monday, February 13, 2006

Benrik diaries - Advertising Space

I'm not really in the mood for charming, dating or pressing up against another so I've been thinking about ways to escape this one.
Then realized it's just about attracting the opposite, nothing else.
I decided to advertise and if anyone answers that equals successful tasking.

To know who's an opposite of you must first know who you are. (Forgive me for not following the benrik-hints here. The list was amusing but not very practical.)

"Seeking: Neat/tidy, athletic man from the country-side, with an interest in engines. I don't mind if you like cats, Westlife and *Kåldolmar!"

It was published today in "City".

Am uncertain and don't think that anyone will "buy" into it. It’s so obviously a prank right? But then I asked a couple of (very amused) friends and they thought there would be enough loonies out there for some of them to answer.
"You're anonyms right?"
Of course I am.

Please give me some credit for this one.

(*Kåldolmar is a very distasteful-cabbage-food)

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