Sunday, February 26, 2006

Benrik diaries - Gorillaman always there... Never surfed!

Friday somebody decided to jump in front of the subway we were on, putting a damper on an otherwise perfectly good Friday.
It made me sad.

On Friday my master also tried selling me to my other colleges behind my back, none of them wanted to buy.
I’ve had better times. Like when i went to Bounty island, dived for seashells and had pinâ colada straight from a coconut. That was a pretty good day.

Speaking of tropical paradise... I found this guy hanging on my wall as part of a collage I started but never finished, and then I thought about how people say you should always finish what you start.
Why couldn’t I get that habit instead of being addicted to coffee?

Tonight I’m watching ”Igby goes down” for the twentyseventeenth time. (yes, it's a favourite... perhaps watching se7en and prepair myself for next week might be a better idea.)

Igby wonders:
”If heaven is such a wonderful place then how come being crucified is such a big fucking sacrifice?”
And that my friends also is a very good question.

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