Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Benrik diaries - Give me 3 bottles of whine and teach me to go-go


I had good intent with this week, thinking: "this really is my cup of tea."
But what's happened?
Nada, zippo, njet.

Mouthing obscenities to strangers is furthers from my mind. (It's lies a whole lot closer with people I know.)

My best effort so far:
Yesterday (while in character) I told H
"Come here and dance with me you charmer you!"

Yes I know, I'm miles from any naughtiness.

Other: I got this invitation to a masquerade a couple of weeks ago. That's one of my main-weapons against this fucking, cock-sucking cold.
And shit!

The theme is nostalgia and I'm thinking "Cindy Lauper" - no problem in pulling that one of (basically that's me + skirt, bling-bling and maybe a hat). Or should I make it a bit more difficult and go as Margaret Thatcher or some comic?
This is my current favourite problem.

Random thought: I wonder if there's more e-mails then birds flying around?

Joy to the world!

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