Sunday, March 19, 2006

Benrik diaries - Rubbish

There's a pile of rubbish just outside my window, logs, metal and probably lots of nails. (from the CIA-people).
It woke me up this morning and I thought. "Wow, people are building stuff out there. And on a Sunday!"
But it was only the wind messing around with rubbish.


1 time could be an accident. 2 times = habit.
I am now one of those people who goes swimming once a week.
It might add a new dimension to my very complicated personality, but I doubt it.


Random perfection:
Happiness is when you put your stereo on shuffle and it plays one great song after the other. Mixing them in a way you'd never figure out on your own. Today it played Massive attack's "Heat miser" followed by "Small-town boy" with Bronski Beat and I felt happy. : )

I've also been watching and giggling to tons of Eddie Izzard comedy. (not all)
So, here follows his "best of" according to me, and up to this point:
1. Dressed to kill (with the thing about birds not having dreams about flying, it would be too simple. Birds have dreams about driving cars, smoking)
2. Circle (with the trigger-happy monkey, signing for "banana")
3: Glorious (with the turnie-button-thing)


Hope I confused you enough to make you not notice my complete failure regarding this weeks task.

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