Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Terminator, kidnapping and prostitution

I tried to find some statistics on kidnappings in Sweden.
Apparently there’s only been like twelve of them, ever. It’s regarded as being a fairly stupid crime to commit.
My momma didn’t raise no fool.

I had dinner with friends.
Feels like summer and they’re showing T3 on the telly now. Haven’t seen it since it first came out.
My belly hurts.

At dinner we had an interesting conversation about how you gender-specify things who’s not male or female. Like I would say that a regular banana is female, while an apple is male. The alphabetical letter A is male, B is female.
This makes absolutely no sense at all, but still…
And we wondered about how that part of the brain works? What does it base this classification on? (We also concluded that there’s gender-less stuff.)

T3 is a very masculine movie, isn’t it?
Powerful men with big guns and the governor of California.
Which reminds me... I watched a documentary (and other things) about John Holmes.
His brother had this to say about him:
Basically all John was were a prostitute with a nasty drug-habit and a big dick.
Cutting it short.

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