Monday, July 10, 2006

Benrik diaries - Furbo, my ass! ; )

After watching the game last night (during which I striked up a very nice conversation with this Italian chick) relations with Italy are particularly good.

Therefore; all this cuddling with Italy must come to an end.

It's a bloody strange country Italy, when you think about it.
Like Eddie Izzard says:
The Italians are always on a moped with no helmet on, going 'ciao'!
However that's not true... They created fascism, home of the mafia, the roman empire and pasta - fucking spaghetti everywhere, clogging up every artery available.
It's evilness in it's prime I tell you.
Fucking Furbo.

Italian expression for when you're really street-smart and manage to achieve things with means very close to the edge of the allowed (and getting away with it).
It's looked upon as a good thing in Italy - to have lots of Furbo.

The lesson is never to trust an Italian on a moped, looking friendly - going Ciao.

How to go about creating a diplomatic incident with Italy I really haven't decided yet, so meanwhile I just spit in their direction. ;-)


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