Monday, July 17, 2006

Benrik diaries - Realize Monday dreams


Last night, just when the fucking birds started singing again, I said to myself: Now it's really time to get some sleep.
(This was just after I saw this really strange show about some headhunter/maybe police officer who chased down wanted people and then he prayed for them - he looked like a biker/WWF-wrestler and watching this show made me feel like an alien visiting a strange new civilazation, you know?)
Afterwards I slept heavily all night (no wonder).

So, I should spend my entire day in darkness.
Like that line from Metallicas "One":

Darkness imprisoning me, all that I see absolute horror.
I cannot live, I cannot die,
trapped in myself - body my holding cell.

(Very uplifting lyrics.)

But I figure that would be taking things too far and besides... sun is shining, everything's bright - Darkness just is too hard to find.


Updates on previous blogs:
Grim asked about "Johnny hates jazz" and I begun looking for information, there wasn't much to find, except that one of the guys apperently is doing a "Nick Kamen" and writes songs for other artists.
Here's a useful link just for Grim

David also wanted a closer look at that be-careful-about-singing-kids-sign:


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