Sunday, December 24, 2006

Words From MySpace - Christmas

Even this year we went to visit my uncle and we stood by his grave.

Actually it was the first time at his stone, it said "I've dug my last hole" and we giggled a bit.
It must have been his own words. I remember him saying stuff like that.

The stone also said: * Loved & Missed *.
Especially today. There was much christmas-spirit in him.
Other stuff too...
He was a heavy guy.


Me, Mum and Dad spent a quiet day with food and movies.
I guess next year will be different, but for this year the whole family shattered like leafs in the fall.
Not in a bad way... It's just that we all remind eachother too much of him, and him not being around anymore.
I hope we'll all gather next year again.
Like them other leafs, sticking together in the gutter.

I apologize for all the bad leaf-metaphores, it might be the late night wiskey I had with my father.
However, I do sincerely wish possible readers of this a merry christmas. Love those you love



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