Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Words From MySpace - Not quite what I was planning

To sum up how things are going with my new bowlingball...

It also pretty much sums up the anxiety I felt when I realized I had lost the bank paper stating to which account I want my salary.
In panic I realized that someone else might fill out the form stating their account instead and this is such a typical me-problem, being confused cause I'm having to clean up all these little messes that I tend to get myself into...
However as always things managed to work themselves out as I called the bank and they promised that they had a direct connection to another system that always gets my salary onto the correct account. But I made the guy promise to write down that if anything changes - if they get a note from "me" saying I want the salary to go somewhere else to contact me. And he said they would.
All ends well. But I tell yah, I'd be a whole lot better of if I just managed to keep it together - me and my stuff.


Just nu lyssnar :
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