Monday, January 8, 2007

Words from MySpace - Gullbert

So, there was this guy called Gullbert who hated his name. (Gullbert would be Cudd(ly)bert (not very manly-like) if you translated it and although it's alright for a Swedish female to be named Gullan (Cuddlie), Gullbert just doesn't cut it - no parents in a sane state of mind would ever call their baby that - apart from these parents. (I'll get back to why later on.)

When Gullbert reached the glorious age of 18 he was able to change his name to something plain and simple, like Lars.
From the other side of the counter, at the institution you visit to make name-changes he saw that Gullbert was still mentioned as one of his names. "I don't want Gullbert anywhere", he said and the women answer that it was impossible to change it all together "Since you where born with this name, and has used it since your birth".
So Gullbert made a forced entry over the counter and crossed out "Gullbert" himself.
Since that day no one's called him Gullbert again.

Adding to the story: When Gullbert was born there were these complications, but both he and his mother survived the ordeal. As a thanks to the doctor Gullbert parents thought they'd honour him by naming their son after him. Only they didn't quite get his name which was Gilbert, not Gullbert.


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