Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Words from MySpace - Harald Bluetooth was a genious!

I've found a new hobby.
Yesterday one of my friends tried to send me a photo via bluetooth and in doing so we found another user "on-line".
I was in a kinda cheeky mood and decided to send a little something:
Said and done, the guy behind us got a "beep-beep" and I heard him asking his date "What's this?".
"Ah... so you're the user?"
And then he revield that it's been known to happend that he gets all kinds of stuff via bluetooth.
Like a youtube in reverse.

This was the bluetooth-conversation:


After that I got this rather nasty thing clip with Garfield taking Odie from behind, which felt like one of those "little to much information" moments.


Besides that I got a tip from my friend to watch this funny clip:

It can't possibly be that I'm the only one longing for a TV-channel showing strange japanese clippings 24/7?


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