Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Words from MySpace - James Bond


Presenting my Bond-explanation:

In the old version of Casino Royal it's revield that James Bond is a bunch of characters of which David Niven is the original 007.
I guess MI6 decides that it's always very nifty to have a James Bond around and why not, when the bare mentioning of his name makes evil forces of the world chiver.

Anyway and heureka... I found this explained alot, cause I never did get how James Bond were able to survive getting killed in "You only live twice". But now I know, he didn't, they just had another 007 lurking around in the corners of the office and it just so happend that he looked excactly like Sean Connery. Handy hugh?!

Another one of lives little misterys solved.

p.s. perhaps the rest of the world always got this and I'm late as usual. Well, well.


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Dot said...

You write very well.