Friday, March 16, 2007

Words from MySpace - Kaah & Salem Al Fakir

Nina calls and informs me that Salem Al Fakir will be performing on ChinaTeatern in April... What really throws me back is that he's got Kaah as supporting act!

Accidentally yesterday me and Oliver both picked Kaah as the No 1 in our top lists of fave Swedish soul-acts.
And now... guess who got tickets?

If your guess was the sameperson as the one dancing on the ceiling then your were damn right.

Here's some KAAH:

Oh... and while I'm at it... here's some Salem - that sweet song he did with Marit Bergman especially for "Musikbyrån". followed by "Dream Girl" just 'cause I'm freaking out.

Now I'm going outside to play with Siivan.


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