Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Words from MySpace - For all the cows

Home again after a tour de islands. Yes, I've been to our biggest and proudest Islands to see what life's like down there.
In short it's full of cows, wine and sea.

<--------- South of Sweden.

First I went to the tiny island (Öland) across a pretty long bridge. Stayed with my grandfathers brother with wife. We talked, ate, listened to jazz and drank wine.

At one point me and the mrs went shopping and found this mail-thing where you could take a picture of yourself and make it into a card - using glitter and other fabrics.
We made this and sent to my parents:

In Öland I also became a lesbian and feel in love with 150 beautiful babes that I found in a stable across the field. Me and the mr went there looking at all the new equipment:
- The computerised milking machine, (- that cleaned their gear and measured the content of the milk).
- The back-scrather the cows leaned against.
- How the different food stands kept track of how much each cow had eaten in order not to over-feed or under-feed them.
The cows strolled around happily and when we walked towards them the bravest ones came to say 'hello'.
They have enormous heads that I never really thought of before. I got really surprised when one of them (the one closest in the picture) licked my leg.
Did you know that cows don't have teeth in the upper-jaw? Instead their tongue is really scratchy - making it easy for them to tear up the grass from bellow.

We also went to look at the kids. The cutest one snogged on my fingers as you can see.
We also saw this other fellow, stumbling in - only a couple of hours old.
I thought that it was totally amazing, the entire thing. Cows!

I took the boat to Gotland and stayed with Malin. Got invited to her neighbours for dinner... and may I recommend the host Teitur's music on www.teitur.com or on www.myspace.com/teitur. He's a singer/songwriter from the Feroe Islands.

Later that night Anna (T's girlfriend), Malin and myself went skinny dipping, slightly drunk.
It didn't feel cold.
We also took a bath the next day, not naked but in a small storm. It wasn't that we wanted to go swimming in bad weather... it just turned out that way.

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