Monday, August 20, 2007

Words from MySpace - Looking the other way

A couple of years ago I went on vacation to the Dominican republic for two days and I think it might have been on the second day that we heard this rumour about some Dominican who had been out partying and then disappeared. The next midday what was left of his body was washed up on the shores. (Drunk and happy he had gone swimming and then got attacked by a shark.)

I remember all the commotion - a crowd of tourist gathered around him while we walked the other way. In no way did I want to ruin my vacation with horrible images of death lurking inside my mind.

This morning I sat on the bus and as we passed central station I saw police putting up signs, redirecting the traffic. I thought the reason was some kind of bomb-treat. But there had been an accident*, a terrible one. I gathered that a car had run over a biker, cause I saw the remains of a bike, and all this blood... Horrible!

Anxiety is dancing samba in my chest, I don't know what to do with all my thoughts and feelings.

I just wish I had looked the other way.

* The female biker later died in hospital. As of yet she's unidentified.
(Source: aftonbladet and DN.)


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