Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Words from MySpace - Growing up in the 70’s

Ok, so our parents obviously thought we were the stupidest people around, and no shit, to be fair there aren't too many kids who can brag about being Einstein. So we learned to cross the street with Anita & Televinken - these two highley reliable people thought us everything about standing still, looking right and left so not to get run over by cars ("children are soft and cars are hard")
Anita and Televinken is a lady and a pupet on a string with a flat face and a smile that never changes):

And then we had this guy namned Totte

Totte explained to us the right way to get dressed, as if that had been a major problem in the genreations before ours. ("you're not supposed to put on your shoes before you put on your socks... etc.")

No wonder that the motto of our generation is "here we are now, entertain us". By the age of 13 the biggest miracle of life must have been that we hadn't yet died from boredom after all the tidieus knowledge and the intellectual insults we've so far had to indure!


Anyway... search and look through the animated short films from the students of vancouver film school. They're great!

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