Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stupid ass.. I made a bet

On the 5th of september i'm supposed to wear these jeans.

I made a bet to wear a certain pair of jeans on September 5th.
The story is that I bought them but then gained a few kilos so I can't wear them anymore... and they're completely new.
Anyway I have about two months to lose some of my bum.

During theses weeks I've decided to try out a few different techniques.
This first week (after injuring my knee last week and therefor am unable to work out) I'll try out slimming herbal tea from Thailand.

I don't own a scale so any progress will be measured in my bums centimetres (cm). Starting on 106 (I just measured it.)
In order to get into those jeans I have to loose about 6 cm.

Any unlikely reader of this is free to write me tips on different things I might want to try out during these weeks.

Yours truly

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