Thursday, December 28, 2006

Words From MySpace - Escapology

"After the first few questions, to which he has explained that Escapology was recorded on crack and speedballs and that the title has many meanings but that five of them he neigther knows nor understands, he realises from the interwievers slightly desperate demeanor that she is hoping for something more serious and substantial. She ask what he wanted to express when he made the album.

"I don't know" he says. "The inner workings of my mind. I wanted to get them out, and have people listen to them and relate. Or not. I don't know really what I wanted to express. Just sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm indifferent, and sometimes I get confused and don't understand stuff. Like everyone else. Which is good. Because if I had problems no one understood, that wouldn't sell records at all. 'I've got these Martians, they land in my house and they make me dance in a hawaiian way.' Can you imagine if that was one of my problems?""

The feel-book about Robbie Williams is well worth a read, reguardless if you like him or not.


Just nu lyssnar :
My Funny Valentine
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