Saturday, June 23, 2007

Words from MySpace - Midsummer, Champagne & Enrique

In Sweden we celebrate the time when everythings planted by raising a fertility pole and then we dance around it pretending to be frogs. We also eat raw fish.
We celebrated this yesterday.
However, I managed to avoid the frog-thing and the pole-thing and instead I we had a music-competition where I won a bottle of champagne (now stored in my otherwise limited filled fridge). I've never felt more like a hip-hoper.
I also won a fair amount of money playing cards.
In other words this midsummer was a day full of small victories and a bunch of laughter.


I also must confess that I enjoy todays pick for "currently listening to". Slightly embaresed, much in the same way as when you decide to have a pizza for dinner... (or worse... for breakfast.) But isn't it a fact of life that sometimes the tackiest thing is just what you need and you just can't avoid liking it? *blush*

Just nu lyssnar :
Do You Know (the Ping Pong Song)
Av Enrique Iglesias

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