Monday, November 17, 2008


I guess everyone at one point or another did something really strange in order to attract a mate.
  • Being funny

  • Having a cool car

  • Big boobs

  • Being intelligent
We might say that "I don't do what I do to impress anyone", but I'm a firm believer that everything starts there. With trying to impress.
If the result of what impresses people gives you satisfaction in other ways, that's merely a plus.

That's why birds mating rituals sums it all up so nicely.
The bird doesn't have a very abstract plan when he does what he does, he just wants to survive as best he can.
He's not that different from us. It's just that we have more means of methods.

However this bird is really creative about strutting his stuff.

(Now, doesn't he remind you of Usher, Michael or Justin?)


crankychick said...

Now you got me thinking on what more methods do we have? LOL

Birgitta said...

they're endless...

burning windmill said...

I Saw this exact same thing onth telly last night! That little bird puts soooo much more effort in than me...I wonder what he is upto right now?

Having a wee dance? or does he dream? is he sleeping dreaming of bird baths and clouds, pirates caves and indian braves?...