Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Just A Giga... Girl!

I've been reading a feminist book the last couple of weeks. It came out about 10 years ago and feels a bit of out of date. Very harsh.

Don't get me wrong. I am a very proud feminist. But that doesn't mean that you still can't be femenine.
It's the values, that reguardless of if men and women are different or not, one thing isn't better than the other.

Sometimes I think that the descrimination against women is bigger than racism. Because it's been such a backbone of our culture for such a long time. Long before we even knew there where these black, yellow or purple people we could abuse.

Today I thought about my chances for equal pay according to:
If I were a woman (?) compared to if I where a arabian man called Mohammed Idih?
My guess is that the chance for Mohammed to earn as much as your regular bloke would be about 70-80%, while for a woman somewhere around 30-40%.

But this is only my guess, and I might be dead-wrong.
After all I'm just a woman.


Douglas said...

On the other hand, my chances of marrying a very rich man who would lavish me with furs, expensive cars and jewelry, and provide me with financial security would be about 0% compared to a woman's. But what do I know? I'm only a man. One who gets a chuckle from your blog.

Toasty said...

Another wise, warm post.

I keep hearing men say that women are the weaker sex. But how many babies do you think a man would have after giving birth to the first one? Are you kidding?! "Get away from me with that thing! If you want another baby, HAVE IT YOURSELF!" And how many men have you seen lugging a 4 year old, two shoulder bags, a back pack filled with stuff, and an armload of groceries? Many? I haven't.