Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Must is a must!

We have a very tasty Swedish drink called "Must" and it really is a must for christmas and easter.

The strange thing about this drink however is that it's only sold in stores during this time, and under the names "JulMust" (Christmas Must) and "PåskMust" (Easter Must).

Another thin is that Must completly deminish Coca Cola's sales. To such and extent that Coca Cola decided to buy the biggest Must-brand, threating to withdraw the Must. All hell broke loose and Coca Cola had to surrender.

Conclusion: Don't ever mess with a Swede regarding our Must!


kaushal said...

its a great fact:)
tell me which company produces this "must"

Jen said...

I love learning new stuff, I agree with Kaushal it is a great fact.

What does it taste off, is it similar to a cola?

Anonymous said...

Tell me more, about it too, please. Sounds like the kind of thing I would put on my Things that Fizz blog.

Very similar to the problem with Inka Kola in Peru, Coca-Cola couldn't compete, so they brough the company.


Oh, you will find out about Inka Kola on Fizz...

Mathilda said...

It's good information.
good product with good way of marketing plans can do anything on the market.

Birgitta said...

I prefer apotekarnes (which was what coca cola bought). BUt most soda-companies now-days have a "must".
I'm trying to come up with a good description of how it tastes: it reminds of coca cola, but not as sweet, I'd guess there's some ginger flavour to it. Be careful when you pour it. It has a nasty habit of running over the glass.

Toasty said...

Must be great stuff. (Sorry, I like punning word plays.) Good for you Swedes for backing Coca Cola off.