Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Friday night:

I went to the store and bought chips, I thought I'd just go home and watch a movie.
There where lots of people in the store, slightly drunk and on their way party.
I on the other hand where going home all by my lonesome self. With some potatoes.

As I paid the clerk asked me if I wanted a bag for my things.
- Yes I might as well... otherwise everyone will know that I'm only going home with a bag of chips tonight.
- Oh and we wouldn't want that, said the clerk.

Isn't it strange how it would be more normal to go home really drunk, than with a bag of chips. And if you go home with a bag of chips you're somthing of a looser. Or that's what you think that people might think, if they knew... Anyway, I spent a lovely evening with a bag of chips and a german movie.

Note: I just wanted to say that all the recent comments from readers make me really happy. If you where here. I'd let you all in on my bag of chips.


burning windmill said...

Id rather have the evening with the chips and movie, maybe not a german movie. maybe Im turning into a hermit? - I do rather like having friends round for cosey nights or even better just loads of nice food, warm house, nice bath and TV - Far above going out drinking and what not

Toasty said...

Which was more interesting, the chips or the movie? (I have an odd sense of humor, in case you haven't already noticed.)

Know what I miss the most here in Japan (besides corned beef sandwiches)? CORN CHIPS! Almost non-existent. Ah, well, everything else is lovely.

Birgitta said...

the entire evening was really nice actually. I enjoyed my own company after a long hard week. :)
Toasty: I haven't tried Corn chips, but now i'm deffinatly think I should. Yesterday I realised that turkey is one of those things I should before I die as well. *thinking of thanksgiving*
Corn chips and turkey!

sanchit said...

well i had no idea....that in other countries taking potato chips to home in not cool.......

here in my country its absolutely alrite!!!! :p

MR. CHAP said...

That's hilarious!

Yes, society labels the one with chips a "loser" and the drunks "the life of the party".

A German movie, huh? That could be something kinda interesting.

burning windmill said...

chips are crisps here, and fries are chips.

,,,i have a cat

Sebastyne said...

I might be the biggest looser of this lot; I've never been drunk but ate a lot of chips alone, and not even having a decency of being ashamed of it! :)

Jen said...

What an interesting observation, the content may vary depending upon the culture but I think its quite true that we can mind read what others may be thinking. In reality if they're the ones with booze they are probably not that observent to see you have chips, if they also have chips they'll probably smile as they see someone else they think is similar to themselves :)

And all this talk of food is making me hungry so I'm now off to find a portion of chips and as its the last day of my trip away possibly a glass of wine for lunch :)