Sunday, December 21, 2008

The battle of orminge resulted in...

Blood and other kinds of distruction!

In all honesty... Yes I have long nails. Yes it's a mess and hurts like hell when they break.

Usually I hold myself back, because of the common view that it's such a girly and whiney thing to do. It's not! And this is why:

When you've had long nails for an extended period of time the nerves that lie hidden behind the nail (which is one of the reasons why you we have nails in the first place) grow further and further. the opposite is when people bite or cut their nails so much that in the end they've got no nails left at all. It takes practise and eventualy the never withdraw. We all know the pain of cutting our nails too short. why then is it such a fuzz when women break their nails? It hurts just as much, no even more because your nails get ripped and we bleed. If that didn't hurt like hell why then would denailing be a well-known metod of torture?


One Time said...

That looks very painful.

abatesunrise said...

I had long nails for a while and can definitely agree, breaking them's no fun. Plus then you look silly because you have nine perfect nails and then that awkward trying to hide one because it's messed up.