Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Gay!

New evidence has been found proving heterosexuality to be a choice and NOT something we inherit.

This means that all the assholes and all the stupid tramps you choose to run after are by own choice!

The good news is that at
this place you can re-decide and go gay instead.
And while on the subject of change, at
this other place you can change your star sign and on this third page you can change your age to your right one.

Good luck with yours and the entire worlds development.


burning windmill said...

Everybody should love everybody. Girls with boys, boys with girls, girls with girls, boys with boys, boys with rocks, girls with trees...

go forth and love all

this hippy message has been brought to you by the windmill

Anonymous said...

burning windmill, I've got no problem with that, I love rocks.


Toasty said...

Wonderfully funny cartoon. For some it's a choice; for others, it's definitely an inclination. To me, gay or straisht is a personal matter, and okay with m e.

vijayanths said...

hmm, great work here. Keep up the good work, thanks.