Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Norrlanders & 2008

It's a myth that Norrlanders are quiet people, in fact they both talk and scream. Everyone except Isa and Jenny, but Isa is shy besides liking pearls and disco-lights. Jenny is from america and doesn't speak any swedish.

Other major differences is that:

- People actually go to the mall to watch the people from Idol perform
- They just care about the most basic rules of driving
- It's warmer than in Stockholm
- People don't hug when they meet friends and family

As this year's about to come to an end I thought I'd wrap up the best parts of 2008, on a bigger level.

On a personal level 2008 was a good year for me. Containing lots of personal trials and tribulations, as well as clarity and changes for the better. Resigning, getting my ass back to school, and - although everyone speaks of the economical crisis, I'm full of optimism.

And on that note and from the bottom of my heart I wish everyone a great 2009

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Toasty said...

And have yourself a great 2009, too, Birgitta!

From me in snowy Sapporo, Japan