Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Obama messiah?

Today i found this add in the newspaper, it's about a concert to celebrate Obama and change.

Isn't it the wierdest thing? The guy hasn't even begun his time in office...

Questions: Why do we in Sweden arrange a concert for Obama when the thought of having one for any of our own politicians is just plain bizarre?

Warning: Beware of cults of personality!


burning windmill said...

I just dont get it either - i try to stay away from such things, I still cant believe all the fuss and massive rallies they hold for this guy!

- You're welcome to Mr.Puppy! hes learning to wee outside, but enjoys having poo poo on the carpet.

You have a super friday before christmas type of day!

I think ill get tipsy - is it too early?

Toasty said...

Indeed, Birgitta, indeed!