Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ode to adults gone mad

Sometimes I think about what will happened when I grow old and my parents die.
Since I don't have any siblings I will be alone.

However I have one cousin, or rather I have four. It's just that I haven't got any contact with the other three.
One is because I'm not allowed to (he's considered to be my uncle's "mistake"). The other two because my parents and their parents argued over the inheritance after my grandfather died.
All of the above is because of "adult" peoples behavior and attitudes. I haven't participated in any of the events that led up to this, but I sacrifice my relations because of them...

Actually it makes me so sad that I can't afford to think about it... otherwise I'd be completely outraged and wouldn't bare another second of parents and grandparents... And then I'd truly be all alone.

p.s. on facebook I located one of my cousins, I messaged him - trying to make the best of it - act adult and all that. So far there's no answer.

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