Thursday, April 8, 2010

A cloud of smoke, not to be seen, only pressumed.


I'll be trying to get back to blogging.
This is to get started again, and these words don't mean much really other than it's 'meaning'.

Here's a picture:


the windmill said...

Its difficult getting back into it isnt! I've been struggling with the windmill, I think its nice to have these blogs to dip in and out of when we feel like it, like a hot tub in the garden...its always warm and ready to go if you need it, otherwise its happy to keep itself bubbly and warm.

Possibly too much coffee in the system already.

Birgitta said...

Yes it surely is.. I've been planing to get back to it for some time, to get writing again. But I've been doubting wheather I've got anything to say or not. however that's really not the point is it? It's just like that garden you mentioned..

BTW I'm gonna facebook recommend the windmill. I've got a couple of friends who I think will find it just as inspiering as myself.

Coffee sounds like a GREAT idea!