Friday, March 2, 2012

Why man will never fly!

"We laugh at lemmings for throwing themselves off cliffs, but I have a suspicion that the lemmings will have the last laugh. 
Because one day a lemming will fly.
Pigeons did it you know - millions of years ago, threw themselves off cliffs. Millions of pigeons over thousand and thousands of years, thudding dead to the ground. 

But then one day a pigeon flapped and didn't hit the ground quite so hard. And the day after that one of them flew - because it followed it's instincts.
Man's suppressed that instinct, which is why man will never fly..."
Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald


Interesting Facts said...

I didn't know that. Is it true?

Birgitta said...

Oh... My guess is that it's a lose methafor for change/evolution. So I wouldn't bet on the lemlings getting wings (within the near future). BUT they have a far greater chance at it then we do ( since we don't jump off cliffs in quite the same fashion).