Sunday, January 8, 2006

Benrik diaries - 112, what's the emergency?

I was waiting for the bus when a woman came up to me asking if I could give her 100 money since she had been robbed and needed it for a ticket home for her and her son (who I didn't see).
I said "no" since I didn't have any money.
She then went on and asked another woman standing beside me (she also said "no").
The my bus came and as I got on to it, through the window I saw a lady give the woman some money.
This made me angry and I decided to call the police.
Called the police, gave a report, description... They said that they would check it out.
I did this since I just thought that what she was doing was wrong. Going about trying to fool people with her story. Even though it's almost like other beggars asking for money for shelter or food. But it's also different... if her story was true she would have gone to the police herself wouldn't she? And then they would help her home. But she was acting on peoples good-will to sometimes help and be kind, and after that people feel like fools when they found out that they were instead cheaten, and then they don't trust strangers anymore.
I could have easily gone away thinking like most people that everyone's on their own. Like it is. hmm.... well.
I had decided that this would be "sowing the first seed of anarchy-day".
I had a plan.
Now I'm thinking that what I did was anarchy, in a different way.
I stumbled across my task-fullfillment.

Question of the day at work is: If you were a fruit what fruit would you be?
(feel free to answer)
I would be a pear. Not a mango.

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