Sunday, January 8, 2006

Benrik diaries - & my inner child wet her pants

This was a good day.
I didn't do any tasks, but at least I've got the book now so I've been planning my days ahead while helping a friend paint his hallway (red like in my kitchen)...
I really got to use my creative skills during both activities and I made a nice plan for tomorrow.

After that I went to celebrate Malins birthday. This was easily the funniest thing I've done all year. First we had soup and lots of wine at her place and then we went to a scabby old place in town to dance our pants off.
Scabby old places really are the best for dancing pants off.

These are the names of the people I remember from the party:
2 * Annika:s (they also the same second-name as myself which made the world smaller & people feel closer), Sofia, Malin, David, Anna, Per, Carola, Håkan, Pernilla, Stina, Jenny, Olof, Karl and… I guess I didn't speak to the rest of the people, paid attention or was drunk.
We danced some and Stina (whom I’ve never wet before) said that she thought I was a lesbian... Not that I mind, but she wasn't my type!
So anyway, I explained that I wasn't and that's when she kissed me on the cheek! Weird behaviour.
Karl and Olof were gay but not a couple. Everybody liked them very much and I'm having a ham-sandwich now.

Funny Vogue-incident at the dancefloor:
Earlier yesterday my friend asked me in English "What are you looking at?" (I was looking at something). I replied "vogue".
When the song came on (haven't heard it in years) my inner child actually wet her pants.

Oh... I've got a Benrik-partner, that was a nice surprise. : )
I wonder if he likes Keith Jarrett?
I know he likes "Fight club" so he seems like a man with good taste.

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