Monday, January 2, 2006

Benrik diaries - Death... front & back

Well... icy steps almost killed me this morning and made me speak to 3 strangers within 10 minutes.
1st the lady walking the icy steps besides me. I said "This is a matter of life or death" (now this isn't what I actually said. I said "Det här är förenat med livsfara" but since this is written in english I have to come up with something else - but the meaning is almost the same).
After surviving.. I became a social-animal and asked a stranger if I had missed the bus or not. Even tho' I knew I definitely had missed the bus.
"You just missed it" she said.
A couple of minutes later I informed the bus-driver that the door was open.
I guess I became overly social after the near-death-thing and had realized that I didn't want to die alone - trying to compensate and make new best friends all at once.

Well then I got to work and remebered after seeing an interview with Henrik (this morning) that I have to have that calander. It will keep me closer to life then death, right?
(I ordered the calander and found a link from the bookshops web-sight to this one.. and that's how I got here.)

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