Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Benrik diaries - Make it to China

I do lie. But not pathologically and therefore I find this week to be very hard.
Last night I came to the conclusion that it’s either due to the fact that I have:
(a) a lack of imagination
(b) I’m a really good liar and my troubles are since this goes against the whole art of lying. Like when an architect makes a “simple” sand-castle (you know those round ones you used to make) or Maradona plays football for fun and doesn’t care the slightest about loosing.

But I will try, I will really, really try my best.

Otherwise the week has started of really slow.
I asked my boss for something more challenging to do since the regular things are running smooth as baby skin and I’m a bit bored.
He (Goran) gave me the map-thing we’ve been talking about so I’m gonna start making maps… (or at least learn how to.) Goran’s convincing me that it’s a really big thing and yes, I admit to being doubtful in the beginning but more and more I’m starting to feel like Magellan - about to go on a very long journey, discover stuff.
This goes very well with my plans for lunch.
We’re off to the china-place.

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