Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Benrik diaries - Out of sheer happiness and joy

This morning Oprah woke me up giving me guilty conscience before I had even started doing anything about anything.
Damn that woman!
Somehow I left the TV on and I will definetly be more careful about doing so in the future. Definetly be careful.

Yesterday I finally went to deliver christmas-gifts to my Godchildren (ho-ho-ho). I had bought 3 Donald Duck books for Robin and pink nail polish to go with the pink hairspray for Sara.

When you give people stuff you always want people to say something like: "Amazing, simply amazing, this is the best gift I've ever had... I ever will get... and I love you so much". And then you want them to jump around a bit, out of sheer happiness and joy.
Somehow they never say or do that.
They mumble "Thanks!"

I may be asking too much. : )

Am deeply disappointed in my own ability to tell lies. (not to mention my ability to be completly truthful)
But this time I had actually practised it all in my head:
"Well Santa came for some coffee the other day... you know me and him, we're like this..." *place for finger motion* "...he also dropped of a few things that he said he'd forgot to give you and asked if I could bring them instead."
I couldn't even get that lie over my lips, and people tell this one at random, at all times... well around christmas anyway.

Recommendation of the day is:
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