Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Benrik diaries - Open letter to Hu Jintao

I've been really tired, don't know if it's from the yoga, or the fact that I haven't recovered from the walk yesternight when i missed the last subway and had to walk all the way from Odenplan to Slussen.
Of course I oversleept heavily this morning and tonight i didn't do anything at all for a change. (except food, cleaned out parts of my closet, listening to dusty springfield and made two phonecalls.)
I'm not gonna do my Qi Gong tonight, I need to rest.
Instead I've written a letter to Hu Jinatao to compensate. (since I haven't had any rice today either). Gonna try mailing it tomorrow.
Tomorrow's payday... Yihaa... I need cash badly. : )

Here's the letter:

Greatings your excellency, mr Hu Jintao,

First of all I want to welcome you as my new leader. I am quite certain that the new way of the world is for the better so don’t let George put you down too much about it.
Still, I’ve got a few questions for you.
Will the new rule increase or decrease the quality of movies?
Do you like movies?
If you like movies maybe we could have a movie-night you and me some time when you ain’t got other things to do! Of course being as you are the new leader of my country my home is your home. You're always welcome, however does the new ruler ship mean that I really have to kill Dalai Lama if I see him? Or is it enough if I call for a police-officer?
Have you ever met Dalai Lama?
I saw him in the globe when I was 17 when he came to talk to students. He likes movies by the way, so maybe you could become friends anyway (if you like movies I mean).
If you’re ever coming by for a movie-night maybe we could invite him to come along as well, what do you think?
Also I’m pretty good with the wok so I could make us something good to eat.
Which leads me up to my next question, which rice do you prefer? Basmati, jasmine or Uncle Bens?
And how would you grade the following:
- Learning mandarin
- Becoming a good communist
- Saving cute animals from extinction

I’m also curious about if you ever feel scared? Sometimes I get scared, so it’s ok with me if you do get scared. I know the feeling.

Last but not least, I wonder if you really remembered to mail me Mao’s book? It hasn’t arrived yet.

Yours truly,

P.S. Xīn nián hăo!

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