Monday, January 23, 2006

Benrik diaries - Wo bu zhi dao

So, first day of china week.
Of course I had rice with my food.

"Wo bu zhi dao" means "I don't understand" in mandarin which seems like a practical thing to learn as a beginner trying to adapt.

Also I took it on myself to rename both Stockholm and myself to "Sho ha" and "Il Ching". Just to make things a whole lot easier.

Later on I'm gonna do my Qi Gong.

Other than that this Monday was a good day. We had a course in presentation-technique (same as tomorrow).. went over things to think about before a speech/performance/etc.
It was lots!
How are you supposed to keep all those things mind and at the same time remember what it was you where supposed to talk about?
However, one thing I learned is that out of a speech people focus 60% on your appearance, 30% on something I forgot and only 10% on facts.


Il Ching

To answer the questions on my previous blog.
I haven't the slightest clue on what type she tried teaching me. The one where you're supposed to lie on the floor and put your legs over your head?
I was amazed I managed to do that and surprised that I forgot to breathe all the time. My body feels sour today btw.
Qi Gong is easier, and yes it's something I do from time to time - good for relaxing, and getting more flexible (as Yoga). This week I'm gonna do it more than I usually do.

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