Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Benrik diaries - A lovely sweater and a few options

My co-worker wore this lovely sweater today and it got me into this really good mood. : )

After completing my task early I this week I got some extra time to think about some real-life tasks and options. (random-day-to-day thoughts.)

- Finnish my degree
- New job
- Brain-surgery
- Career
- Find meaning of life

- I’m leaning towards the degree-thing. Am going to the guidance-counsellor to explore further.
Down-side of this is economics, I could go somewhere else to study and that would lower my costs. Or study half time but that would obviously take twice the time.

- Find a new job, maybe a new place all together. Sometimes I’m thinking Dublin (as I can’t redo Prague, it wouldn’t be the same).
This would be a fun thing to do but not leading anywhere else besides yet another bonus on the experience account. (Well, like most things.)

- Brain surgery, for this one I just have to make an initial phone-call and be on my way. 08-320 100.
Need to check up eventual down-sides of a brain surgery. I don’t want to end up like Jack Nicholson in ”one flew…” do I?

- Work harder at what I do, get more involved and put some effort into my career(?)
Truth is, sometimes I get a real high and a feeling that what I do really makes a difference, that I’m an essential part of something bigger and that things would fall to pieces if I didn’t do it. That's a good feeling.

- Find meaning of life.
This would take a course in mathematics (my least favourite subject) then I would have to make some kind of calculation. And not just a regular everyday-kind-of-calculation like all the others. No, we’re talking a very BIG and extremely BOMBASTIC calculation with plenty of X:s and Y:s that would take you from one side of the problem to the other and back again, several times!
Oh yes, a calculation so grand that it would take enormous amounts of time to think about, both how to get to the answer and then how to interpret, adjust and adapt the answer to reality. Might take forever.

Just thinking…

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