Saturday, February 18, 2006

Benrik diaries - Aim to please

Due to the fact that I’ve been pretty open about my benrik tasking people around me have been getting involved, adding pressure on me in their own quest for amusement. Sometimes I wish I never said anything to begin with.

And then I could take the easy way out.

My co-worker asked me about next weeks benrik task.
I answered: It’s slave-week…
“How are you gonna do that one?”
“Well, I figure I’m going to write down some people’s names on paper, draw one and become a slave.” (Not much to it.)
Then she got this very diabolic look in her eyes and now I fear her.

Possible slave-owners:

A - Slavery would probably include: Threading pearls, buying stuff at panduro, renting movies, making tea (especially since she’s been down with a cold the last couple of days), massage and buying wine.

J - Slavery would probably include: Buying groceries, doing dishes, lighting his cigarettes, buy him lunch.

Å - Slavery would probably include: Demands on me quitting some nasty habits, massage + fetch lots of copies.

T - Slavery would probably include: Making jokes and coffee + keeping out of the way.

O - Slavery would probably include: Worshiping, get him beer and food, remind him to work-out, perform plenty of air-drum-solos.

I'll draw a lucky master on Sunday.

First off Saturday. Going to Eva's tonight. Need to visit Systembolaget on my way.. am still lurking around in my pyjamas.

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