Monday, February 20, 2006

Benrik diaries - Mr. T

This is Mr. T.
He’s my master (after winning the slave-lottery fair and square).
As you can see he was very pleased this morning when I presented him with the certificate of ownership.

I asked if he was comfortable, needed coffee or anything. He said “No” and asked if it wasn’t time for some lunch instead. “Of course master”
I carried his food.
I served it.
I forgot to serve water. I also gave him a spoon instead of a fork (although he specifically asked for a spoon which I thought was odd, but since he’s my master I’m not in the position to question his spoon-use).
All of this made him somewhat upset, hence I apologized and promised to work harder in the future. (“Please don’t whip me master.”)
After lunch he accused me for sneaking away from the dishes. I again managed to escape whipping by pointing towards the grapes on his table, I had fetched them from the fruit-basket.
He was again satisfied.
Before leaving work mr. T left me a note saying i should use the night to rest "tomorrow's going to be a busy day!"
I might have been completly wrong in thinking that he would be easy to please.

Other benrik-related stuff. I sent my partner in crime a get well card as he seems to be under the ice, or "under the weather" as some foreign people say.

I truly am all about giving today.

Well what else?
2 friends disappointed me Friday. Not that I’m really hugely upset with them, it’s more a confirmation of something else. Like you feel when you meet friends you used to swing and have lots of fun with as a kid, and then you meet them again 15 years later and there are no swings around or no interest in swinging.
With this said, it doesn’t mean that either has given up the possibility of ever swinging again.

Laugh of the day:
TV-commentator saying: “At this point we do not understand French” about a very upset French down-hill skier, cursing away after failing to finish his race.

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