Thursday, February 2, 2006

Benrik diaries - Paranoia

Yester night when walking home I noticed that builders had begun adding those building- things outside my window.
Since I can remember getting any information about them starting any reconstruction-work this can only mean that CIA are on to me and our little fraction of CIA-security-testers.
Be very careful out there!

(I might add that this morning they woke me up talking loud, throwing very heavy things around them and shouting to each other. Isn’t that just like them?)
I'll try to post a picture later.

Yesterday: A colleague woke me up at 9 asking if I understood the directions he e-mailed me about Karolinska (big labyrinth-like hospital). I answered "Yes, I think I’ll find my way" but wondered quietly to myself why he called me at 9 about this, our presentation at this place wasn't supposed to be until tomorrow (today).
We talked some more about the enormous size of Karolinska and in the end we agreed that it was probably better if we meet up before, at the main-entrance. "Ok, I'll see you in half an hour then!"
I said: "Ok"
Half an hour???
The fact that I'm not the most together-person who's always at the right place, at the right time widely known by now (I guess that's why he called to check). So during the whole conversation I had a sneaky suspicion that this was yet another one of my little screw-ups.
I hopped into a cab, got there in time and had to pay 180:- for this one.
Later when I got back to work and checked my e-mails and calendar fact of the matter was that this actually wasn't my mistake - it was my colleagues who had sent me the wrong date, but since I initially “covered” for him (thinking it was me again) I feel I can't say anything about it. This will just add to my image of whimsy ness.

Well am looking forward to winning the popquiz later tonight with the new teather-buddies, as well as having some well-deserved beer.

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