Sunday, February 5, 2006

Benrik diaries - Ducks and stuff

It's been the two coldest days so far here. No need to go outside. Must be -20C or so. Why people in the beginning moved to this country I never will get.

The theory is this:
- They came during the summer.
- When first winter striked, they figured it was just a fluke and stayed on.
- It's after that everything gets blurry.
- Why I don't move away from here is even blurrier. Makes me feel stupid. In my defense I do like winter for about 2 months (the changing of seasons and all that) it's after that it gets painfull, right about now.
February is the coldest month of the year.

Haven't seen CIA during the entire weekend. Perhaps they're good Christians?!

Other: I got my couch and that made me happy, I also saw "walk the line" it was a bit dissapointing - I never did get when they fell i love, but I swear i didn't miss a single scene.
Now I'm off to take a warm bath.

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