Friday, March 10, 2006

Benrik diaries - Nostalgia

Ok, so I e-mailed P3 and requested ”Too Shy” - told them a sobby story about how I’d like to hear it just to be reminded of the first and only dance-competition I won as a 10 year old. I got a soda, my first boyfriend, kiss, as well as a diploma ”for my creative yet steady dance-moves”.

This is of course untrue. (I remember winning a slow-dance to ”Carrie” and all we got where these raspberry-flavoured bubblegums). But I had to write something down in order for them to play the song. Like other benrikans I’m thinking air-play might inspire someone else to buy it.

I’ve listened to the album. Honestly, it’s not very good is it?
Well, apart from the ”Too shy”-song.
And... I confess, I got nostalgic after hearing ”Never-ending story” - reminding me of my fairytale-days when I still thought I had some kind of power making me able to talk to animals.
“If only I could figure out how to use it!”

For next week I’ve decided to donate the album.

Well… *tired*

“Bed, bed, bed, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, bed, bed, bed.”
(That’s actually a lyric, just not a very good one.)

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