Sunday, March 5, 2006

Benrik diaries - Reunions

For my performance today I got these crackers from a fellow theater-buddy. Orangeflavor. I will have them with tea someday and I will look back upon this day with some kind of smile.

Wish of the day:
I wish I could imitate Elvis's stiff uper lip.
Practise starts today.

I decided to mix it up a bit by confusing pride with gluttony.
That screwed up my schedule.
Mostly due to the theatre thing today. We were ok, although my own energy was a bit low pre-show. I hadn't eaten properly (I rather slept an extra 15 min) and three of my friends didn’t show up as they said they would.
One had a choir-performance
One was down with a cold
The last one had pipe problems.
All good excuses, but still...
M, A and O showed, that felt good, in fact the entire audience felt good. : )
But I only had a pie.
So much for gluttony.

On my way into town I bumped into my favourite teacher from grammar-school. Arne.
During the five minutes spent together we covered these subjects:
Theatre and Arnes band (he was on his way to practise)
Old age
The future and work
The one friend I've still got contact with from that school and the one from clas who died last year.
Actually, that was the last thing I mentioned before we parted and afterwards I felt bad about leaving him with such sad news. He stood there surprised and said: "But Petri, he was just a little boy."
I replied "yes", cause he truly was a little boy, and then he died due to drug-related problems.

[space for pondering how fragile life can be]

Funny thing was on my way home again I managed to run into and old high-school buddy I haven't seen for... must be seven or eight years.
He looked just the same.
We didn't have time to talk since he was getting on the subway. I was getting off. He was with friends and I on the phone. But we happily huged.

Question: when you run into people from before you became the good-looking and successfully person you are now, what change in you do they comment?

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