Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Benrik diaries - Sometime in early March

A sunny but cold day. I spent 2 minutes of it looking at my desperately red nose in the mirror. Like some kind of stop-sign.


I finally decided on making a small adjustment that might make good things come to me easier. I’ve hesitated to do this before since I've been against the principle of people having it easy just because they’ve got the right name, know the right people or come from the right place. But why this need to make things harder on myself than necessary?
Only because I want people to like me for who I am?
At about 10: 45 it dawned on me that there’s no contradiction between the two.


Yes, I ordered the Kajagoogoo-CD. In fact I found the single for 10 balubas on tradera but buying it there wouldn’t manipulate the charts, so I ordered it the proper way.

I’ve also made a thorough analysis of the lyrics to "Too Shy" and came to the conclusion that it’s all about this guy who's going to the hospital due to an allergic reaction. There he meets a massage-therapist who’s unable to treat him appropriately and in the end he dies.
So sad. *sigh*


And inspired by my benrik partner I will now present stupid-internet-test of the day:
What Breed of Dog Are You?

To my enormous surprise it turns out I’m a Chihuahua:

"No bones about it, you're an energetic, devoted Chihuahua. For your breed, size definitely doesn't matter. After all, sometimes the best things (diamonds, car keys, Godiva truffles) come in small packages. Honest and straightforward, you're never afraid to speak up for what you believe in, especially if it's a cause near and dear to your heart. Having such a passionate personality can come with a few drawbacks, though. You can be moody at times, and people often find it hard to live up to your high standards. But once you make a friend, it's for life. Saucy and intense, your energy and unfailing loyalty make you a great companion. Woof!"

This gave me a frightening inner vision of me on a leach with Paris Hilton at the other end and now I need to recover.

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