Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Benrik diaries - All day long I thought it was Monday

I’ve chewed on sorrow-crusts till I bled. Unable to make contact with the people I need to get in contact with in order to make the final decision final, about work. But things are looking bright.

To keep my mind away from it during easter-break I went to a Juri Gagarin pub.
First man in space… That’s something.
That’s like being last man on earth but backwards and statistically last man on earth will be a woman named Maria.


For this benrik-week I’ve starting off playing God - bringing my old make-believe bunny-rabbit back to life. He used to accompany me on my travels in the backseat of my parents car, always jumping over the electrical poles by the road-side. Somehow that made travelling much more interesting for me as an 8-year old. ”Will he be able to jump this one too?” And he always did. (Up till I begun reading books while in the car and thereby started using other peoples imagination instead of my own.)
Now, will the bunny be able to make life as an almost 30-year old person more interesting?
I’m 97% doubtful.
By accident I'll probably kill him off within a couple of minutes.

And speaking of accidents the boyfriend gave me a black eye the other day. Pow!
That felt real.

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